>Bollywood actresses MMS Scandals

>Being a celebrity isn’t easy. One has to pay the price for being part of this irresistible ‘Mayanagri’. The controversies and rumours that is far more than the pressure, can take toll on career of a celebrity if they let these overpower themselves. But for a smooth sail in this industry, one has to learn ignoring them.

A celebrity’s life is an open book which could be exposed to public in numerous ways. In past few years, MMS scandals of actresses have become very popular. Most of the MMS’ are fake which is created using morphing technology. Sometimes look alike actresses are even used to create a MMS. But folks, whether it is a fake or real but one can’t resist himself from peeping into the most private moments of the celebrities.

Some famous MMS scandals of Bollywood actresses are listed below:

Kareena and Shahid Kapoor kissing MMS

Kareena and Shahid kissing MMS became immensely popular as soon as it was out. The video had Kareena and Shahid kissing each other in public. News channels went displaying the image again and again gaining huge TRPs. While the search on internet for this MMS clip was even more. Though the MMS had no nudity but the hot affair of the young couple was an element of public interest. While many believe that the clipping was fake but there are many who still believe it was real one.

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