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List of smart phones that pose threat to iphone supremacy

With a new mobile OS officially announced, and the 4G device apparently revealed, Apple's iPhone never stops showing up in headlines this spring. Meanwhile, Microsoft, RIM, and other smartphone players are making their own big news. While the advent of so many new products is exciting, users face increasingly tough choices, especially if they‘re in any hurry to buy new phones, and if they plan to use the gadgets for business purposes at all.
Just a few years ago, most business users didn't need to make any decisions whatsoever about work-related mobile phones. "There are still lots of IT-driven phone deployments out there, but more and more these days, people are bringing in their personal phones to work and saying, ‘Hook me up,'" noted Carrie MacGillivray, program manager, Wireless and Mobility, at analyst firm IDC.
Some businesses, such as Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS), are taking both approaches. The 500 customer engineers (CEs) who give tech support to customers' diagnostic imaging systems get BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones set up for mobile access to a dispatch center, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and an internal email system, said David Croteau, InTouch manager at TAMS.
TAMS' salespeople, on the other hand, can use iPhones, BlackBerries, or whatever other phones they like, but their mobile access to company information is limited to email — and the email is deliverable to them only as Webmail, rather than directly to their devices.

But whether, like Croteau, you handle acquisitions around hundreds of smartphones, or whether you're just looking to buy a single phone, one simple question can help you cut to the chase.
"Ask yourself, ‘What do I want this phone to do?" advises Mark Charvala, associate product developer at Verizon Wireless.

Enter the iPhone 4G

Right now, the proverbially ever shifting tides of the mobile phone market are particularly muddied with uncertainty. In the latest bolt from the blue, the gadget blog Gizmodo claims to have obtained a partially working prototype of the iPhone 4G, a next generation model long rumored about but still not confirmed by Apple.

It's not clear yet exactly whether Apple plans to turn the prototype into a real product, or, if so, when the 4G will make it out the door.
But there's little doubt that the gadget originated at Apple. Photos on the Internet show a larger battery and a higher-resolution display than those of the existing 3G and 3GS phones, along with a flat-back design, a MicroSIM slot, and front- and back-facing cameras. Presumably, the front-facing camera will be for video conferencing.
Questions still loom on the Microsoft side, too, although not as largely. Some Microsoft reps seem to be confusing matters a bit by using the catch-all phrase "Windows phones" to refer to both its own Kin phones, unveiled in April, and future Windows Phone 7 gear from hardware partners such as Samsung, Dell, HTC, Toshiba, and HP.

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