>PC Magazine: Apple’s Droid X ‘Death Grip’ Claim ‘Bogus’


Droid X

Apple likely could have just stopped talking about “antennagate” and allowed the controversy to die, given they’d managed to convince loyal Apple devotees that the problem was never really a problem in the first place. Apple continues however to insists that the iPhone 4’s attenuation design flaw is something that happens to all smartphones, and this week posted a video claiming that the Motorola Droid X suffers from the same problem. The only problem? According to PC Magazine tests, it’s not true:

…we also just couldn’t get the Droid X’s signal to drop using one hand. As you can see in our video, we had to completely cover the body of the Droid X in an awkward, two-handed grip to get the phone’s signal to drop. That’s very different from the one-handed grip we found on the iPhone 4. Apple’s overreaction is a pity here. The “death grip” controversy seems to be dying down a bit. . . ut by overstating their case, Apple keeps an unflattering meme alive.

Of course you’d be hard pressed to find many phones (including previous iPhones) that lose such a significant amount of signal strength with a single finger touch. Still, Apple appears devoted to continuing this claim that their design flaw isn’t really one, and that this is something that plagues all smartphones. That’s uncharacteristic for a company that usually just remains silent.

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