>Google’s Desktop VoIP Service Lifts Off

>Google yesterday officially announced Gmail VoIP integration for Gmail, which allows users to call cell phones or landlines from within their Gmail contact list. Google says calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free “for at least the rest of the year,” while calls to other countries are subject to these rates. “We’re rolling out this feature to U.S. based Gmail users over the next few days, so you’ll be ready to get started once “Call Phones” shows up in your chat list,” says Google, who notes you’ll have to install their voice and video plugin. To promote Google Voice, the company’s going to begin installing British style (watch out for Daleks) phone booths in universities and airports.

 Most people using VOIP services like this call 1 country only. They use it to keep in touch with family back in the old country. But the Google rates are competitive in most situations for many countries.

Based on source of US immigrant groups:

the people making international calls will be from these top 4 countries.
Rate for Mexico City – $.02/min
Rate for China – $.02/min
Rate for Philippines – $.11/min
Rate for India – $.06/min

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