>Poonam bajwa and Vishnu onscreen romance


Actor Vishnu after playing the lead in the much-acclaimed film Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, the actor returns with a bang with three flicks Drohi, Bale Pandia and Kulla Nari Kootam. The gossip is that he and his screen love interest in Drohi, the punjabi girl Poonam Bajwa, share a great off-screen chemistry as well.

What made you and Poonam inseparable on the sets of Drohi…

Poonam is a good friend and just a co-star. But I do admit that Poonam and I had a whale of time while shooting for Drohi. Poonam, who’s always brimming with energy, would light up the set with her jokes.

Heard you took ten takes for a hugging scene with Poonam?

For me intimate, romantic scenes with the heroines are the toughest part of a film. There was a kissing and hugging scene with Poonam, which I felt uncomfortable with. Though I would prepare for the scene, it would go flat in the actual shot. Sudha okayed it only in the 10th take!

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