>Actress and stalker’s stories

>Love letters, ‘fans’ lurking in their apartment complex, landing up at studios and even following them overseas – inspite of personal bouncers and precautions, Bollywood actors are harassed by stalkers continuously. On Monday, actor Kangna Ranaut complained of being stalked by a delusional man in
gym who thought he was in a relationship with her. HT City brings you some instances of stalking that scared Bollywood divas.

Kangna Ranaut
What happened
A 20-year-old fan went on a four-day hunger strike outside celebrity fitness expert Leena Mogre’s gym late last year, refusing to leave till Kangna accepted his letter.
What she did
On the fifth day, the actor, having been told about the fan, finally took the letter, after which he left. She didn’t not reveal the contents of the letter to anyone. “It is scary when people go to this extent. Fans can always get in touch through my blog,” she said.
Katrina Kaif
What happenedA man in his late twenties was stalking the actor for eight months, since last year. He hung around her building complex, entered her building one day, and even told her domestic help that he had a meeting with Katrina. The stalker tried to get close to the actor at a promotional event at a multiplex.
What she didKatrina alerted the bouncers when she saw the fan, as she recognised him. The actor, however, refused to file a police complaint against him. “He has been asked to stay away from me, but he does not understand. I don’t know what he wants,” she said.
Amrita Rao
What happenned
A fan sold all his belongings in his village and camped outside the actor’s house in Mumbai. The guy started calling the actor on phone.
What she did
Amrita invited him to the studio where she was shooting and gave him 15 minutes. She made sure her staff bought a train ticket, gave him some money and sent him back to his village.
What happennedActor Asin was stalked in Singapore last year. The stalker had followed her to Singapore from Indore, and  put up in the same
hotel. He got pictures clicked with her, lurked in the hotel lobby, and even pretended to be her bouncer when she stepped out.
What she did
The actor advanced her return to Mumbai, and tricked the stalker by sneaking out of the hotel ahead of schedule.
Minissha Lamba
What happennedThe actor was harassed by a caller who sent her abusive messages and calls.
What she did
She filed a complaint with the Versova police station, Mumbai and the calls stopped.

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