>Amisha Patel collapsed while shooting of Telugu movie Parama Veera Chakra


Bollywood lead lady Amisha Patel, who is going through a period of mental stress these days, had to be hospitalized when she recently collapsed on the sets of one of her movies.
The incident occurred when Amisha, who has recently lost her maternal grandmother, was in Hyderabad shooting for one of her Telgu project Parama veera chakra opposite Balakrishna.
Amisha has had to go through a difficult time in recent times. She was still going through the mental stress of breakdown of a personal relationship with Kanav when the news of the death of her maternal grandmother made the situation even worse for her putting her under immense mental pressure and stress.
Reports suggest that despite the fact that her family advised her against it, Amisha had decided to return to the shooting of her Telgu film hoping that indulgence in work will make her concentrate on more positive things and take her away from the mental stress that she has been facing. 
While confirming the reports of Amisha fainting on the sets, a source close to the producer of the Telgu film said, “Amisha just collapsed while shooting on the set. Crew members had to instantly take her to a hospital where she was put on intravenous drip.”
While nothing seems to be going right for Amisha, the silver lining in all this remains that it has put an end to all speculation about the rift she is said to be having with her family. On hearing the news of her collapsing on the sets, both Amisha’s mother and brother rushed to the hospital and were beside her all through.
Amisha brother while confirming the incident of her collapsing while shooting said that though Amisha has been keeping ill for the past some time, she is recovering fast and will begin shooting in days to come.

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