>Shahid becoming really fond of Southern beauty Asin


Rumours have been rife about ‘Kaminey’ couple Shahid-Priyanka’s patch up for long now. But, before anything could be officially confirmed about the duo’s relationship status, there’s a twist in the tale. After being linked with almost all the actresses he’s worked with till date, Shahid has now become really fond of Southern beauty Asin. However, his growing camaraderie with the actress is not going too well with the actor’s supposed girlfriend Priyanka, according to reports.
Our source reveals that Asin, who happens to know seven languages – including four South Indian languages, Hindi, English, and French, was seen making Shahid learn a couple of sentences in Tamil, while the two were shooting for a TV commercial recently.
“The ad that we were shooting for was in Hindi and Tamil. I could manage it as I know both the languages. But Shahid was struggling with the Tamil part of it, so he took my help in getting the language right. He didn`t know Tamil at all, so the entire exercise turned out to be a fun session,” Asin told a news daily.

However, grapevine has it that the situation became quite awkward for the duo as soon as Shahid’s alleged girlfriend Priyanka arrived on the sets to meet the actor. An onlooker says that Priyanka apparently didn’t like it when the crew kept saying that Shahid and Asin looked cute together.
“Priyanka was not very comfortable seeing Asin and Shahid’s easy camaraderie,” says a source. Guess we can read well between the lines now.

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