>Robo mania- Robo boxoffice collections


Everyone hooked up to see the week end collections of robo movie from all over the world.Industry expecting not less than 500 cr boxoffice collection

However Robo movie got mixed responce from audience and all rajini fans waiting with fingers crossed.

This movie going to show Rajini power in box office records and expecting to break all indian movie box office records.

This movie released in three languages robo in telugu,robot in hindi and enthiran in tamil.It was released all over the world with 2250 prints.

And Robo reviews came all over the internet and it got  some fine reviews  in telugu and tamil .Aishwarya rai is one of the attractions of this movie which was directed by ace director Shankar.

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One Response to “>Robo mania- Robo boxoffice collections”

  1. kittu Says:

    >latest newsfirst day all india collection is23 crores

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