>Bollywood gossip:Amisha patel broke uo with her boy friend


It’s been new news that Ameesha Patel has broke her affair with her NRI boyfriend Kanav Puri. They calledoff  thier relation  after dating for three years over differences that have arisen between them.
Kanav wanted to marry Ameesha Patel but Ameesha wanted to give one more chance for her acting carrier which is the reason for thier broke up.
According to sources, Kanav and Ameesha’s relationship has been troubled for about 8 months now.

In last month of june Kanav proposed for marriage to Ameesha when he came to India for her birthday. Ameesha was confuse between her marriage and her carreier and did not give him  proper answer. Kanav grew tired of waiting.
Ameesha is not that keen on getting marry as she has recently buried the hatchet with her family and isn’t very lonely anymore. Kanav had been her support when she was alone and had broken up with Vikram Bhatt.
After long time when her family is back in her life,  her relationship with Kanav is bit different.
kanav waited for long time but he did not give up easily. He came to India once again in December to ask Ameesha Patel about her decision regarding marriage and she told him that she would want to concentrate on her career. They aren’t on speaking terms anymore and have taken time off each other

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