>Robo creating wonders at box office


To all those who thought that superstar Rajinikanth is down and out and his latest venture ‘Robot’ will be a dud, he has given a fitting reply. As per the latest reports, the film has recorded a whopping Rs 117 crores in just one week. This has got past the record set by the Hindi movie ‘Dabang’ (82 crores).

One of the noted distributors revealed that the film collected Rs 60 crores in Tamilnadu, Rs 30 crores in AP, Rs 4 crores in Kerala and Rs 8 crores in Karnataka. As for the Hindi version, it has collected Rs 15 crores. As for the screens, it opened up in 2200 screens as against the 1400 of ‘Dabangg’.

So far, about 92% occupancy is being reported across all centers. Even remote places like Ghaziabad, Jodhpur and Meerut are showing heavy rushes. Since the tax structure is different in the south, estimates say that it has crossed Rs 260 crores. That way, Robot has broken all possible records in a dubbed format.

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