>SRK in dhoom 3


No one makes a girl’s heart beat faster than a bad boy. See how hot John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan looked in the Dhoom movies as villains. Both Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra looked rather dull in comparison. The duo is going to have to struggle to stand out in the next Dhoom flick cos everyone is talking about how SRK is going to play the next anti-hero. Apparently Yash Raj is in dire need of money and a hit film, so they went all out to woo Shah Rukh. Earlier there was talk that Aamir Khan might be roped in for the film, but now sources say SRK is the clear favourite for the role.
Along with the production house, its director Sanjay Gadhvi too is said to be cash strapped. After tasting success as an in-house director in YRF, Sanjay decided to break away and do his own thing. Sadly, none of his ventures after that clicked and he has not been able to start films on time after taking advances from some producers and corporate houses. So the man is now back in the YRF fold. I think Dhoom 3 will be a fab film as both producer and director will put in their best as their survival depends on this.

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