>Katrina Kaif drops clothes:Katrina kaif super sexy in Sheila ki Jawani


Tees Maar Khan is shaping out to be something big and promising after what we witnessed in the song ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. Farah Khan yet again presses the right button touching the right nerves of voyeuristic males and presenting Katrina in her sauciest avatar yet.
For the item number ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, Katrina Kaif has dropped all her inhibitions and most of her clothes as she shows loads of skin in this blistering song. Katrina has nearly half a dozen different appearances as she keeps changing her guise throughout the video.
This song was making news for quite some time and now that the video has been released the spectators are gaping and gasping staring at the belly button of the Bollywood’s Barbie Doll. Yes! Farah manages to bring the best out of the sexy Katrina who can be seen in skimpy clothes and revealing outfits in this racy song.
Though, she doesn’t tread on to vulgar lines, yet her slim trim abs and arms are a delight to watch. For a particular scene, she even drapes satin sheet and dances provocatively amidst a bunch of men in a revolving bed.
With this song, Katrina becomes the latest to join the A-list actresses who have done item numbers. Truly, Katrina has never looked more desirable and yummier.

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